TrickleUp Design is a social innovation design firm that imagines and helps bring to life new products, services and systems. From digital to bricks and mortar, local to global solutions, TrickleUp works with clients of all shapes and sizes who want to bring truly innovative ideas to the market.

Potential clients include:

  • Companies looking to initiate a new area of business and not only want it on-trend, but also to be a market leader;
  • Tech start-ups aiming to gain a more well-rounded understanding of the market before launching their product;
  • Not for profit organizations and social enterprises wanting to ensure that their business models are as robust and innovative as the social and environmental missions that inspire their work; and
  • Educational institutions, government bodies, and international NGOs looking for socially innovative solutions to working within the emerging market, including creating new products and services that ethically target these new consumers.



TrickleUp can work with you to review a specific product or service, line of products or whole service ecosystem, and evaluate its social and environmental sustainability. We look at the full lifecycle of your offerings, survey comparisons and competitors in the market, and provide an overall sustainability score. This in-depth audit includes commentary on strengths as well as recommendations on areas for improvement and implementable next steps for bringing your product/service to the cutting edge of sustainability.


We can help you discover the opportunities that exist for creating new products and services and/or┬áre-launching existing ones. Whether you are considering developing a line of sustainable products, looking at how a new service can attract a new customer demographic or devising an innovative business model for making your organization’s offerings financially sustainable, TrickleUp with work with you to develop a strategy for making your ideas a successful reality.


TrickleUp can conduct research to uncover insights about your business. We can help you understand how customers actually use your products and services and discover opportunities to improve and expand upon your brand’s place their daily lives. Through observation and interviews, task analysis and testing, we will synthesize the information we glean and help you apply it to your short- and long-term planning.


We create new products and tweak existing ones. TrickleUp will work with you to develop a new product or a whole new line of business that embodies sustainable practices. We will look at your existing products and help you re-imagine them, creating a forward-thinking plan for their re-launch. From ideation to prototyping, we will work with your marketing and product development teams to bring the product to market.


We also create new services and tweak existing ones. Whether it is a physical or digital service, we will examine the best modes for delivering the service and how to make it as effective, efficient and intuitive for the user as possible. We can discover ways to turn products into service offerings and expand services into product lines. From retail to manufacturing, food to the financial industry, we can work with you to evolve your service in a sustainable, innovative offering.