TrickleUp Design is a Toronto-based social innovation design firm pushing the boundaries of design and business to create transformative products and services that are socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable.

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Grandma Mabel’s Chocolate Candy Kit

We are preparing for our next big step…bringing Grandma Mabel’s Chocolate Candy Kit to store shelves and online sellers!

We would love it if you gave us 5 minutes (or less) to take a quick survey. Your answers will help us better prepare for bringing our Kits to the market.

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TrickleUp Design is a social innovation design firm that imagines and helps bring to life new products, services and systems. From digital to bricks and mortar, local to global solutions, TrickleUp works with clients of all shapes and sizes who want to bring truly innovative ideas to the market.

  • Collecting
  • Brainstorming
  • Evaluating/Researching
  • Cohesioning
  • Prototyping
  • Communicating

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Are we living in a social economy, or a precarious one?

Here’s an article co-written for The Globe and Mail via Are we living in a social economy, or a precarious one? – The Globe and Mail. This piece is part of a Globe and Mail/OCAD University summer series highlighting design thinking, issues and innovation.