TrickleUp Design is a Toronto-based social innovation design firm pushing the boundaries of design and business to create transformative products and services that are socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable.

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CleanCube Project

Trickle Up Design is currently working on the CleanCube Project. The goal of this project is to develop a product that provides clean water and that can be manufactured locally and made widely accessible through broad market distribution and affordable pricing. Learn more at the project’s website.

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TrickleUp Design is a social innovation design firm that imagines and helps bring to life new products, services and systems. From digital to bricks and mortar, local to global solutions, TrickleUp works with clients of all shapes and sizes who want to bring truly innovative ideas to the market.

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Put down that $3 tanktop and read this about ‘Fast Fashion’

Being my father’s daughter, his love and knowledge of U.S. labour history made its way deep into the creases of my brain. So I am acutely aware of the events that stand out and acted as turning points in the long and continued struggle for better wages, conditions, and treatment.┬áThe Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire helped to change how workers were treated in the 20th century in the U.S. What is powerful enough to change this pattern in Bangladesh and other parts of the world where sweatshops still go unregulated and workers still die in the name of the cheapest, trendiest fashion?