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Oma3D_1 ячмень на глазу вишневского TrickleUp Design worked with Oma Chiropractic, a health care clinic in Toronto, on two projects. The first was to re-imagine the clinic’s space in order to increase efficiency, as well as the comfort and overall experience of the practice’s clientele. As part of this, TrickleUp consulted with Oma to identify goals for the space and the overall practice in the short- and long-term. We analyzed space usage and the work flow of practitioners and traffic patterns of clients. From there, we created 3D models of the space with design interventions to assist the client to reach the desired goals. монтаж светильников своими руками

безвозмездная передача основных средств проводки The second project was Oma’s online strategy. Together we worked to identify the clinic’s goals for its online presence. We identified key information, imagery and language from which we to designed and build the website,

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