Grandma Mabel’s Chocolate Candy Kit

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MainKitImage план домов внутри фото We are preparing for our next big step…bringing Grandma Mabel’s Chocolate Candy Kit to store shelves and online sellers!

как отключить сигнализацию на машине ваз 2110 We would love it if you gave us 5 minutes (or less) to take a quick survey. Your answers will help us better prepare for bringing our Kits to the market.

What is Grandma Mabel’s Chocolate Candy Kit? сколькобудет 7 5 12 Grandma Mabel’s is the fun, step-by-step kit that makes it easy for you to make your own delicious, handmade chocolates. стихи б пастернака свеча горелана столе The Kit allows both young and old to easily make tasty, handmade chocolate treats in half the time with twice the fun!

What’s in the Kit? африка игры викторины карты Each Grandma Mabel’s Chocolate Candy Kit includes our easy-to-use toolset, our tried and true, easy-to-follow chocolate candy recipe booklet and one (1) pound of high quality, sustainably-sourced melting chocolate, available in milk or dark chocolate.

One delicious step at a time

понятиеи характеристика договора простого товарищества Start by trying one of the recipes we’ve included in the Kit and then experiment with your own flavors!
All our recipes start with basic ingredients – no recipe has more than five – and the candies are all made using the same process.

где находится газпромбанк в москве Every pound of melting chocolate will make more than 100 pieces of candy. Share them at home, give them as gifts, or keep and savor them yourself!

Sustainably made in the USA

палки для скандинавской ходьбы в москве телескопические Grandma Mabel’s Chocolate Candy Kit is proudly made in the USA. We’re committed to working with local manufacturers and vendors for the benefit of both our economy and environment. We’re dedicated to making sustainable, ethical choices in every step of our business. значение аграрной реформы столыпина From our gourmet, sustainably-sourced chocolate right down to our 100% recycled tool set and biodegradable packaging, Grandma Mabel’s Chocolate Candy Kit is conscientiously designed and produced. We believe good ethics equals good business. The proof is in our delicious product.

About Grandma Mabel’s Chocolate Candy Kit

расписание киномакс хл на дмитровском Grandma Mabel’s Chocolate Candy Kit was inspired by our Grandma, Mabel Tranum, who began making chocolate candies at Christmastime more than 30 years ago. делаем дизайн проект квартиры Recently, the arthritis in Grandma’s hands made her traditional method of forming each chocolate slow and difficult, so — with her help — we designed a tool set to make the process easier, faster and equally scrumptious.

We are excited to share our kit with you and sincerely hope our Grandma and her recipes also inspire you and your family to begin your very own chocolate-making tradition.

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