Participatory Design

TrickleUp Design organizes and facilitates participatory design workshops. By working with a targeted group of participants we are able to better understand the challenges of the targeted group and co-design meaningful solutions.

These participatory design workshops are a part of our design process when working with clients, as well as our in-house projects. Here’s a sample of the groups we work with and the goals of these projects:

•    Working with senior citizens to identify challenges to everyday tasks and brainstorming new product ideas that will make their daily lives easier;

•    Co-designing with first time mothers to understand goals and concerns around the births of their babies in order to better design services that will make their experience as positive as possible;

•    Engaging children to get their fresh perspective and unlimited imaginations for new ideas around playing and learning.

The opportunities for participatory design workshops are endless and always result in new insights that can be used to create thoughtfully designed products and services that have a real impact on the intended end users.